You don't have to be an art connoisseur with a collector's sense to bring "real art" into your home or office. Stephanie von der Neyen also saw it that way when the Munich artist took over her parents' house on the green outskirts of the Bavarian metropolis in 2012.

"We had completely renovated the semi-detached house and suddenly had many bare white walls in front of us," remembers the 38-year-old. Especially for the stairs to the top floor, the family of four found nothing suitable. Colourful, abstract, pressureless and oversized - these are the desired parameters. "First, that could not be found. And if we had found it, it would probably have been unaffordable," laughs Stephanie today.

In this way, the futile search became the starting shot for her own painting and for her start-up HIPSTER HOMEOn her blogazine Stephanie, who worked as a lifestyle editor for various women's titles for a long time, now shares her passion for art and interior themes and offers her abstract acrylic paintings in her web shop. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

On request, she also visits interested customers and gives individual advice on what suits the respective furnishings and, of course, the customers. Afterwards, measurements, choice of colour and composition can also be specified. Because that is what makes the pictures so special: they can be individualised in colour and size! 

Stephanie likes to describe her paintings herself as "home art", because they can serve unpretentiously as decorative objects. They should simply embellish the apartment, just like a vase, a great light or decorative cushions. Your pictures should provide more well-being, make the rooms complete.

Selected works will soon also be available in the WohnfühlShop!