The brothers Siamak and Siavasch Hosseini from Aachen are both artists and craftsmen. Their common goal is to realize their own creative designs and to create things for everyday life that also bring joy to the user.

The design of wooden kitchen accessories began years ago out of a need of one's own. The brothers are passionate private chefs, sociable and like to invite friends - Siamak has the largest private kitchen in Aachen.

Their professions, Siamak is a master carpenter and Siavasch a carpenter and designer, have a passion for function and design. The combination of art, design and everyday use was a natural process.

Wood fascinates the two of them because of its uniqueness - no two pieces are alike, resulting in a large selection of colours and textures in a natural way. The processed woods are preferably all from regional, sustainable cultivation.

A further factor: wood is a natural product and has been used for centuries for the consumption and preparation of food.

SIA also offers a versatile customer service: refreshing, individual board design (also adapted to the CI), and logo branding.

SIADesign is passion ² - two brothers, one work!

All available cutting boards will soon be available here in the Onlineshop