The perception, that it is better to live one's dreams today than tomorrow is not new- only the realization is usually difficult in everyday life.

The Wohnfühlfabrik is the realization of a long-cherished wish to give my creativity space professionally. My enthusiasm for art, design and creativity has been with me all my life - but only "behind closed doors" until 2018. Now, in the ATELIER Handcrafted art and individual home accessories.

I share my passion for digital art, especially using artificial intelligence, in my DIGITAL ART galleries with you. Many images are available as licenses and high-quality prints on ARTMAJEUR  or as a lifestyle product at REDBUBBLE available.

MERCH*ME! is the easy way to personalize your own vacation home. Whether private or commercial - with your own logo design on shower curtains, bath mats, bed linen and much more, the furnishings become individual and have a high recognition value. And best of all: all products are available as merchandise for your vacation guests in my Redbubble Shop.

In order to provide a platform for other creatives and to support each other, I have created the PARTNER GALLERY The network presents befriended artists and small manufacturers who all create beautiful things with great passion. The hand-picked members are artists and creatives from various fields.

Have fun feeling at home!