MERCH.ME is the easy way to personalize your own vacation home. With your own logo design on shower curtains, bath mats, bed linen and much more, the furnishings become individual and have a high recognition value. And best of all: all products are available as merchandise for your vacation guests in my Redbubble Shop.

And here's how it works:

Taking into account your individual wishes (e.g. favorite colors and other features that reflect you and your vacation property), I design a logo with the recognition value that is so important to be remembered by guests.

Honestly, as a guest you want much more from a vacation home than just cleanliness and a comfortable bed. In the best case scenario, the accommodation feels like a second home and you'll be happy to come back! You feel appreciated when the owner also attaches importance to stylish furnishings and a harmonious interior concept - putting thought into making the guest feel at home. A professional appearance is guaranteed with MERCH.ME.

Simply send me a non-binding inquiry via contact or write me a direct message at Instagram, I look forward to hearing from you!