Artificial intelligence is an enrichment for the creative world when used sensibly and respectfully and enables artists to break new ground and make their work even more impressive.

An AI creates works of art that are completely different from anything that has gone before. Through the use of algorithms and machine learning, images can be created that go beyond human imagination - the impossible becomes reality.

Concerns about the devaluation of human creativity or the loss of authenticity due to the influence of technical systems are unfounded: Ultimately, the human being remains the author of the work - even if they have used technological aids. The commands (prompts) generated by them are individual and arise from their creative imagination. Thanks to AI, we can already admire new masterpieces whose creation process would never have been possible without it.

I like to experiment with different styles, my passion is nature motifs and portraits. Inspired by transparency and organic forms, all collections are created with the support of AI, and some are further processed using Photoshop and other image editing programs. 

Enjoy my digital art!

Yours NinN