Whether the transformation of an object into a new use, or a makeover of an outdated piece - Upcycling has many faces.

The current DIY trend not only inspires garden lovers and homeowners, but also offers endless inspirations thanks to numerous platforms on the Internet to enliven a balcony, a small terrace or the apartment with financially manageable effort, namely simply homemade!

These are some of my work - maybe there is something for your next DIY project?!


Vom Baueimer zum Miniteich

A mini pond is perfect for any small terrace or balcony, and is always an eye-catcher.

Of course you can buy it as a finished product, but an individual pond is much nicer!

It doesn't take much: A bucket, pebble, bamboo mat (or the like) and water plants - the wet biotope for home is ready!


From the cachepot to the parasol stand

I have never found a really nice parasol stand when I wanted to buy it ready.

So you'd better do it yourself - it's much nicer, isn't it?! In this case, the parasol is 2.50m in diameter - so it was enough to fill the medium-sized pot with large pebbles (3/4 full). The last 1/4 was filled with potting soil.

For larger gliders, a larger and square planter should be used so that everything is stable even in windy conditions. As an alternative to filling the pot with pebbles, you can also fill it with fast cement or concrete. In this case, however, you should avoid planting, as the drainage effect of the pebbles is eliminated and waterlogging would occur.





Jahrelang war mir das alte Gartentor ein Dorn im Auge – aber es gibt ja immer Wichtigeres zu erledigen 😉

In spring the motivation was great to enjoy this summer with a more beautiful gate.

I think it was worth it...



The in general beautiful, old and large shop window display in the Wohnfühlfabrik was in a very bad condition when the shop was taken over.

After I put in a moss carpet it looks nice and the sound of the road is reduced very effectively.