The first works of the Catalan, born 1965 in St. Gregori/ Girona, were already shown in exhibitions in Barcelona in 1982. Since 1987 he has continuously exhibited his works in various countries.

As a young painter David worked with ink and oil paints. Since 1989 he has used almost exclusively acrylic pigments, tempera paints and natural earth pigments, but the ink remains his faithful companion for preparatory studies.

His style is in constant development and is influenced by his varied life. The self-confessed globetrotter lived on Menorca from 1987-1989, after which he moved to Italy for various projects - first to Rome, then to Florence. At the end of 1991 he went to New Zealand (after a short stopover in Barcelona) until 1997. There he realized numerous exhibitions.

David travelled on...Barcelona, Florence, and in 1998 to San Gimignano. In 2003 he went to Mexico, but in 2005 he moved back to Europe, where he stayed until 2011 in Vienna - since then he lives somewhere in Tuscany...

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