The living material wood has always faszinated Julian Szmania schon immer fasziniert.

The production of "Rivertables" is his great passion, in which he combines selected woods with epoxy resin inlays to create a completely new, unique piece of furniture - each table is a handmade unique piece with its own character.

There are hardly any limits to the creative possibilities. In his works Julian always tries to express his love for nature and its perfection and pays full attention to every piece he makes.

The Eifel Nature Park - not far from where you live - is characterised by rivers, lakes and large forests. There he finds inspiration and new ideas for his works. In order to protect this wonderful nature Julian is committed to a sustainable and ecological way of working and obtains certified timber from local timber traders.

Individual works (type of wood and colour of your choice) are also possible - of course including a detailed consultation!

Selected works will soon be available in the Wohnfühl-Shop